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【欣賞藝術 欣賞建築】百年歷史高樓 多倫多當代藝術博物館 每月一個週日免費入場


每個國際大都會總應該有幾個具級數或有性格的藝術館 / 美術館,如:倫敦的國家美術館 (The National Gallery)、紐約的現代藝術館 (Museum of Modern Art, MoMA)、巴黎奧賽美術館 (Musée d’Orsay)、臺北市立美術館、東京都美術館等等。多倫多的地標美術館自然是AGO (Art Gallery of Onatrio,安大略美術館),去(2018)年的秋季新開了一個當代藝術博物館 (The Museum of Contemporary Art) 不知大家到訪過沒有,在未來的日子可參觀的機會更多,因為每個月都可以有一個特定的日子和時間免費開放,讓大家接觸更多藝術,增加視野。

TD Bank 道明銀行與多倫多當代藝術博物館合作,提供「TD Community Sundays」,將於每個月特選一個星期日的日間時份讓大眾免費入場欣賞現代藝術展覽作品。首次的免費藝萃週日將在2月24日的早上10:00至下午2:00。

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MOCA #MOCAtoronto #contemporaryartmuseum

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所謂的當代藝術Contemporary Art,大致上有兩種解法,一種是字面解法,意指約1960年代以後至21世紀的藝術創作。當然亦可以意識形態來表達新派的藝術。由於在英文採用「Contemporary」(當代) 和「Modern」(現代) 的藝術在時代和定義上比較容易混淆,小妹也不敢在此班門弄斧。

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Works for ‘Believe’ show at @mocatoronto BANNER2 and TALISMAN collaboration with @yorgoliapis) up until the 6th. Make your way there for the final week of ‘the exhibition where the 2nd floor is the best floor.’ The double-throne Talisman, a collaboration with artist Yorgo Liapis, is at once a retelling of history, a fully charged object, and a speculative fiction sculpture. It attempts a rebalancing of energies and a space between binary identities and viewpoints, while at the same time referencing an incident between two cities at the height of Egypt’s empires Luxor (then Thebes) and an offshoot, Amarna. Amarna and its attempts to set itself apart from Luxor suffered damnatio memoriae in a full erasure of the culture implemented by two monarchs to correct growing societal power imbalances perceived to be damaging to the civic structure of Luxor. Amarna was raided and demolished so badly that artifact rubble was discovered following an earthquake hitting Luxor centuries later, used to stuff pillars that had fallen and come apart. The piece TALISMAN seeks to give the cities a second chance to have a conversation and to be charged from the maker’s hands with power that eases or erases binaries. ❤️✨🚀

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除欣賞藝術展覽外,美術館位處的建築物本身亦是多倫多一個非常值得參觀的地方。在158 Sterling Road的這幢Tower Automotive Buildin高樓大廈已有100年的歷史,在1919年落成時是Northern Aluminum Co. Ltd.的製鋁工廠,是喜愛工業風和古舊建築物朋友的超好去處。

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Community Sundays
日期:2019年2月24日 (星期日),其後之週日將隨後公佈
地址:158 Sterling Road, Toronto