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【多倫多短途車程】走進花花世界 農田鮮花任您採摘



這個位於Milton,只距多倫多約一小時車程,名叫Andrew’s Scenic Arces的農場有個大花田,種植了包括太陽花、大麗花(菊)等等的花朵。除在好像小蜜蜂般走入花叢中肆意欣賞和拍照留念外,看中了大花田的花朵,可即時採摘回家作為擺設,或者送給心愛的另一半或家人。採摘的每朵花兒只盛惠$1而已。當然拍攝靚靚相片在社交媒體分享獲得的蜂湧的Like數更是此刻無價啦!

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Sunday’s are for flower picking and wineries.

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If Cher Horowitz and Cheryl Blossom had a daughter

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Natural habitat 😌🌼🍂🌺 What better therapy than walking through a beautiful flower field on a sunny day ?! I had a really challenging couple weeks, I was fighting an illness that left me bedridden, anxious and weak and I had a dental surgery too 😷 😩Somehow still managed to look after the kids, shoot a wedding and do my bartending shifts too, good thing I had help. It was awful though and a big struggle. This past weekend I finally felt back to normal, we had friends over and went to a farm. Surrounded by flowers, outdoors with my little family, having fun and taking pictures, something about that combo makes me feel so full. 😍I'm back in the sunshine ☀️♥️✨🌺I read a really fitting quote today, "Like poetry the moon reflects the phases we go through. From our darkest hours until we again shine bright. The art is to embrace the wholeness of each cycle, dancing the rhythms of life." Book : Moon Circles. 🌘🌗🌖🌕🌒🌓🌔#harvestmoon #fullmoon #dahlia #keepgoing

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除了漂亮的花田外,這個農田一次過可以滿足超多採摘的願望,現時當造可供採摘的還有南瓜 ($0.49一磅)和Raspberries ($4.25一磅)等等,亦有供小朋友玩樂偌大的地方和設施,兩口子拍拍拖或和一家大小都可以消磨一整天。該農田同時也是酒莊,有不同種類的生果酒出售。


Andrew’s Scenic Arces
開放時間:星期一至五:早上10:00至下午4:00;星期六、日:早上10:00至下午5:00 (需於閉館前一小時入場)
地址:9365 10 Side Road, Milton