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【完全免費】潮人必到!多倫多繽紛攝影開心Share樂園 冬日限時開放


在很久很久前 (其實是數年前),有一些所謂的樓上影樓興起,朋友們結伴上去這些簡單背景拍些有趣相片,純為友情留念。隨著社交媒體佔各人生活的一大部份,以這個作為基礎發展成不同主題房的室內拍攝樂園如雨後春荀,出現在大量的在世界各地大城市。

就說多倫多,近期大熱的Happy Place錯覺博物館 (Museum of Illusions) 入場人次理想,前者更兩番延展至1月下旬。不過這兩間館都要支付入場費,最近Hudson’s Bay就開了一家實驗館,一次過提供8個主題房,供各位盡情拍攝,開心些牙。

Source: Twitter / @mandareborn


Source: Twitter / @mandareborn

開宗名義的館名很Social Media,名字已經有#The7TO一大個hashtag。地點很方便,就在市中心的Hudson’s Bay的七樓,由即(24)日起開始展出,展期未定。有趣的展館有8個房間,由花團錦蔟到3D錯覺藝術;由侏羅紀(恐)龍口逃生到願望成真獨角獸;由婚禮場景到巨型波波池,樂趣無窮的場景,悉隨尊便。


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Reblooming 🌸💇🏼‍♀️ ••• INSPIRATION: sometimes the most subtle transformations make the most impact ❤️ I tried a new salon in my area ( to update my blonde and root regrowth and was SO happy with how it turned out 😊 Bleaching Asian black hair, I’ve learnt over the years, takes a special skill and the colourist (I saw Amanda) did such an incredible job. She managed my expectations (I’m going to back to make it brighter, but we didn’t want to cause too much damage the first time around) and brought my hair back to life just in time for my trip to Jamaica ❤️ Hair is art and nothing feels better when you’re proud to wear it! Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a change 😊 ••• 👇🏻What do you look for in a salon?👇🏻 ••• Shot at @hudsonsbay new #The7TO space at their Queen Street store (now open!)

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The7TO Pop-up Exhibition
地點:市中心Hudson’s Bay 7樓 (176 Yonge Street, Toronto)